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I fully support the “Our Revolution” initiatives proposed by the Bernie Sanders movement to address the huge wealth and income inequality.


I see many places where we can do much better. Below are specific initiatives I believe need immediate attention.

Opiate Crisis: Addictive Substances Tax

The distributors of any substance shown to lead to addiction – opioids, amphetamines, alcohol, tobacco, even legalized marijuana – should be taxed to address the negative effects on society created by those substances. We face a major health crisis, one driving down the life expectancy rate in the US.

Election Financing

In order to "be the change" to eradicate the dominance of big money from political campaigns I will only accept contributions from citizens and those who truly represent their interests: unions and non-profit advocacy groups.

Climate Change and Public Power

We need to take immediate action to limit the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere or face increased devastation – wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, extinction of species.

Net Neutrality

We have every right to set standards consistent with our values of freedom and equality. The right of the people to a free press is a cornerstone of our democracy, and in 2018, telecommunications is “The Press.”

Medicare For All

I support a single-payer, "Medicare for all" approach to healthcare and believe we should build new Medical Schools in underserved rural communities

A Voice For Working People

It’s time we had some democrats with backbone.  You can’t shut down the racket when you’re waiting for your cut.

Government For The People

Don't Believe the propaganda; we do need government. The rule of law ensures our right to life, liberty and property.

Note on Impeachment

I support both articles in Al Green’s proposal

American Foreign Policy and Peacemaking

At its best, American foreign policy promotes dialogue, human rights, international respect, and the resolution of conflict through peaceful means.

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