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A Voice For Working People

A Voice For Working People

The chart below shows the difference between how people think wealth should be distributed in the US, and how wealth is actually distributed.

Notice that the Bottom 40% of workers -- the purple and blue -- don't even register on the “actual” chart.  40% of us have no wealth, so we have very little voice in the conversation.  Meanwhile the top 20% controle close to 90%.  

The Corporate Democrats are dependent on the large corporations and wealthy individuals to finance their campaigns, so they vote to help their donors.  Any time you make a law or create a regulation, you are picking a winner and a loser.  This is why the Republicans pretend to hate government; it interferes with “freedom,” but we do need government. When congress picks its winners and losers, regular working people are always the losers, because we do not have enough voices in the conversation.  

There’s nothing wrong with getting rich. Getting rich is an old American tradition,
but there’s everything wrong with being rich, enjoying vast government subsidies, both
direct and indirect, and refusing to pay your fair share to support the country that made it possible for you to get rich. Tax inequity, wealth inequality -- these are signs of corruption in a country overtaken by thieves.


Thoughts on "Class Warfare"

Anytime one of us points out the gaping void between the rich and the poor, we are charged with stirring up “class warfare,” but that is missing the point  The oligarchs have always waged class warfare, and they have been just kicking our butts since Ronald Reagan.  Record profits followed by ever more tax cuts and look at the roads and the bridges and the schools. The rich few have plundered the country at the expense of the rest of us.  The corporate Democrats just stand there looking at their shoes, awkwardly stuffing their pockets with money. Well it’s time we had some democrats with backbone.  You can’t shut down the racket when you’re waiting for your cut.  Well, I am not looking for a cut. I’m not afraid to fight back, to fight injustice and inequality, not to mention the blatant stupidity of short term profit. I’m ready to fight for “We The People” to create a government of the people, that works for the people.

Don’t you want a Congressman who’s on your side?  


Thoughts on Government vs Anarchy.

Anyone who says we don’t need government has never driven in Boston. Human nature drives us to get ahead, to be first, to win. Any school teacher knows human nature can be selfish, greedy, violent and cruel, and we have a popular culture that celebrates criminals and thieves. The rule of law is the very foundation of our freedom: the constitution set in order a process of laws that hold people to be better than out lowest impulses. The rule of law protects the greater good for the people -- to protect our livelihood from selfish and dishonest individuals and organizations.   Our very freedom is protected by real working people who risk their lives everyday to do their job. Not just the Military -- Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Postal Workers, Bridge Builders, Road Plowers -- these are our neighbors and they make our life better.
Nevertheless, working Vermonters are under attack from every direction.  Some days it feels like everywhere you turn, people are working to rip us off, scam our children, poison our food, get us hooked on drugs… A representative democracy is intended to represent the majority of people pooling our resources (taxes) to create laws and create structures to protect our lives, our liberty and our property.  But more and more it seems Congress passes laws to protect the criminals themselves from the very people they are harming.

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