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American Foreign Policy and Peacemaking

At its best, American foreign policy promotes dialogue, human rights, international respect,
and the resolution of conflict through peaceful means.

That means talking to every government, regardless of who they are. 
Diplomacy and dialogue will not resolve every difference,
but an unwillingness to meet with adversaries will resolve nothing.

America helped create the United Nations and America should be working
to help the UN live up to its ideals. 

America should be willing to negotiate in good faith with any other willing party.
At a minimum, that would mean increased dialogue with Russia, Iran, and North Korea. 

America should be disengaging military all over the world, especially in
Afghanistan (our longest war ever), Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.
America should not have special combat units coming and going in more than 100 countries
around the world, as we have today. 

America doesn’t need to waste $700 billion dollars on military answers
to questions that require answers that provide justice, tolerance, food, shelter, and equity.  
America should not account for 40% of the world’s military spending. 
America should not spend more on the military than the combined total military spending of
the next eight highest military budgets (China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, India,
and Germany).

An over-militarized world is an inherently unsafe world.

There is no military solution to a warming planet with increasingly destructive weather,
with growing deserts, decreasing fresh water, rising sea levels, and population dislocations
on a massive scale. 

This is the planet we’ll be living on.  If we can. 

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