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Climate Change and Public Power

Climate Change and Public Power

All “free” scientists agree; we need to take immediate action to limit the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere or face increased devastation – wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, extinction of species. In order to address this, we need both new regulation and new investment.

Public Power: We need to invest in a diversified, clean energy network, owned by local municipalities. I propose installing photovoltaic solar assemblies on every municipal building in the US – schools, town halls, police and fire departments, even public universities and hospitals.  This initiative would have many immediate benefits beyond reducing carbon emissions; it creates jobs, lowers taxes by reducing the energy costs for towns and cities, diversifies energy production, and by flooding the market, it drives down the cost of energy helping working families. Where does your Congressperson stand on public power?

Carbon Tax: We pay for this investment by taxing carbon and creating a national carbon trading system. Right now, China is creating the largest carbon trading market in the world, taking the lead on this new paradigm and leaving us in the dust with our “clean coal.”  Worldwide, the carbon trading market is poised to hit a trillion dollars a year by 2020, and we are missing the boat. It seems that taxing carbon is the least we can do, and it is time.

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